Now a mercenary, fallen Norman nobleman, Bryce Frenchette, pledges his allegiance to Lord Cynvelin at Hywell of Wales in return for knighthood. He faces challenges on the battlefield, and must also deal with a strange language and customs.

Innocent and sheltered, Lady Rhiannon DeLanyea believes Lord Cynvelin's attentions are honorable. She also believes the gossip about Bryce's loss of honor.

Then Bryce kidnaps Lady Rhiannon, believing it is a custom to abduct the future bride. When Rhiannon begs to be brought home, he thinks it is a flirtatious ruse.

As the days stretch into weeks, Bryce realizes that the Lord's intentions are not to honor, but to exact revenge. Bryce is Rhiannon's only chance for salvation.

Ms. Moore's WARRIOR'S HEART gives a glimpse into medieval struggles for power and the barbaric attitudes of the time. The way the characters seem strong then weak, or wise then foolish, detracts from the power of the novel. SENSUAL (July, 300 pp., $4.99)

Reviewed by: 
Cyndie Dennis-Greer