Fans of the Medieval romance who feel plotlines are too similar will relish Ms. Moores distinctive characters and innovative plot about the discovery of love long hidden.

While Sir Trystan Delanyea walks the castle corridors considering marriage to the demure Lady Rosamunde, hes grabbed and thoroughly kissed by Mair, the Welsh alewife he's been at odds with all his life.

Mair has mistaken Trystan for her new lover, the latest of many. To the astonishment of both, the kiss serves as prelude to instant and intense lovemaking, an experience both have an urge to repeat.

Even as he proposes marriage to Lady Rosamunde, Trystan cant resist the passionate and willing Mair, who gradually realizes that her love for Trystan has been the reason why she never married. By the time Trystan realizes that life with an honest sinner promises more happiness than life with a dishonest saint, hes honor-bound to marry Lady Rosamunde.

Margaret Moore remains consistently innovative, matching an ending of romantic perfection to the rest of this highly entertaining read. SENSUAL (Mar., 254 pp., $4.99)

Reviewed by: 
Gerry Benninger