Image of Warrior's Lady (Stones of Destiny, Book 3)


Image of Warrior's Lady (Stones of Destiny, Book 3)

The passion and vibrant excitement of
the Middle Ages glows on every page of Russell's latest thrilling, emotionally captivating romance, book three in her Stones of Destiny trilogy.

Camden Lockhart lives to avenge his family's murder by the Ruthven clan. But first he must find his missing niece and the fabled Charm Stone.

After surviving her brothers' brutal beatings, Rhiannon Ruthven takes sanctuary in the abbey, where she is chosen to escort Violet Lockhart and the stone to Camden. Rhiannon has no idea that she's headed straight into the arms of her enemy. Camden and his men are suspicious of Rhiannon, but soon they glimpse within her the strength of a warrior who would give her life for Violet. Now Camden must protect Rhiannon from her family and those he hired to kill her. Hardest of all is trying to hide his growing desire for the woman with the ability to heal his wounded soul. (Leisure, Oct., 380 pp., $6.99)
Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin