Set in a fascinating, fairly medieval
distant world with interesting sexual traditions, this story includes bondage, voyeurism, oral sex and spanking. The worldbuilding is a bit lacking, which leaves much to the reader's imagination. This is the first in a series and ends as such.

Shana's foster sister, Gitana, has strange powers and a medallion that can transport the user to a different world. Determined to prove the medallion a fake, Shana uses it and ends up in Paradise, a world far from Earth. There she discovers not only the fulfillment of her sexual fantasies but also who Gitana really is. Now she must decide if she can trust her lover, warrior Lucian, enough to reveal where Gitana is so she can be brought home to this world to fulfill her destiny. (LOOSE-ID.NET, dl $5.99)
Reviewed by: 
Susan Mobley