Determined to keep her ranch after her parents die, Brianna Flanigan needs a knight in shining armor, and gets one when a half-breed named Wolf arrives in search of his past.

Since he was sold at age four to a brutal preacher, Wolf has vowed to find out who his parents are and why they sold him. The few fragments he remembers lead him to Brianna's ranch.

Wolf is soon caught in Brianna's optimism and drawn to her younger siblings. The sense of belonging and love on her ranch compel him to stay and help protect her land and cattle from a greedy neighbor.

Major Palmer wants the ranch, and Wolf stands in his way. He has more to fear from Wolf than he knows. It isn't until Wolf's childhood nemesis arrives that all the pieces of the past and the future converge.

Ms. Hudson knows how to play on readers' heart strings and strum an emotionally powerful tune. Exquisitely rendered and imbued with a deep sense of family love, WARRIOR'S SONG is another masterpiece from this consummate storyteller. SENSUAL (March, 184 pp., $4.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin