Image of Washington's Lady (Ladies of History Series #3)


Image of Washington's Lady (Ladies of History Series #3)

Moser's research, powerful dialogue
and flawless creativity give readers a heart-wrenching first-person account of
a woman hardly recognized beyond the shadow of her husband and her title, the engrossing and magnificent first First Lady, Martha Washington.

Suffering the loss of two children and her husband, Martha Custis is determined to never let death enter her life again. The richest widow in Virginia, Martha's status eventually allows her to choose a husband for love rather than out of necessity. When she meets the shy, tall, handsome Colonel George Washington, she finds her soul mate.

Sweeping changes soon follow after they are married. They move to Mount Vernon to build a new life together, and signs of war become inevitable. As George quickly rises from colonel to general, Martha becomes the calm and courageous partner he so desperately needs. But how will she survive when she begins to lose those she holds most dear? (BETHANY HOUSE, Jun., 352 pp., $13.99)
Reviewed by: 
Jennifer Reyes