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In this poetic and seductive novel, Block tackles a sensitive taboo, weaving a tale of two siblings, Marina and her big brother Lex, the power of their love for one another and the twisted tragedy that tears them apart.

WASTELAND centers around Marina, piecing together the story of Lex, the brother she was madly in love with. Nothing could come between the two siblings—not their parents, not their friends, not even Lex's girlfriend.

Not everyone was accepting of the siblings' relationship, but when Lex dies Marina feels like she's lost her own identity. She begins her desperate search to find out who the true Lex was, and she's helped by an utterly sweet boy named West. He has always been drawn to Marina, and with Lex gone, it's easier for him to get close to her. More than anything, he helps Marina find the truth about Lex—but can he stay by her side when the truth comes out?

This evocative novel from a veteran YA novelist will grip you with its lyrical story and will have you at once drawnto and repelled by the characters she has created. WASTELAND is a little gem that doesn't try too hard to impress, and then does just that. (Oct., 160 pp., $15.99)

Reviewed by: 
Taylor Morris