Poor Clara Wells is disowned by her noble grandfather and raised by her eccentric Aunt Aurora and Uncle Byron who fancy themselves as an artist and a poet.

With Clara's best interests at heart, Aurora contrives to have them all invited to a prestigious ball. Clara, feeling out of her league, finds herself stumbling into the arms of Lord Paris Mullholland, a handsome and most eligible bachelor.

Aunt Aurora convinces Lord Mullholland to let her paint his portrait and they are all asked to come to his estate.

Helen Pimblett believes she is to be Lord Mullholland's intended. Her social-climbing family has their sights set on the match and although the Pimbletts are the reason Clara and Paris met, they do not immediately see the threat Clara poses to their plans.

Clara's simple way of dress and her intriguing intelligence captivates the lord. However, Paris has secrets he means to keep. The lord's lackadaisical attitude and Aunt Aurora's manipulations make for a light-hearted story that will please Ms. Moore's readers. SWEET (Dec., 350 pp., $4.50)

Reviewed by: 
Cyndie Dennis-Greer