Toombs’ second Dangerous Darkness story is a dark and sinister one with a strong couple trying to overcome their past. Readers will enjoy the byplay between them and will wish the book was just a little bit longer to flesh out the story.

Malrick Martin spent one memorable night at the scout mission, where he shot at a jaguar that turned into a man. Now he is back in his hometown, working as a Department of Natural Resources officer and reuniting with Sarah Volek. Sarah is struggling to hold it all together for herself and her brother after the death of her parents in a fire. Having Mack reappear in her life is definitely not helping her equilibrium. His very presence causes her to relive the most humiliating experience of her life and heightens the restless passion that seems to vibrate within her whenever she gets too close to him. But even as the two are drawn together, someone else is watching Sarah and her brother — and the malice they bear is about to explode! (REDROSEPUBLISHING.COM, dl $1.99)
Reviewed by: 
Sabrina Cooper