There's more terrific paranormal material in this new entry in this evolving genre. Clever plotting and terrific
supporting characters elevate this
novel into a first-rate romantic thriller. Black's characters and universe are intriguing and filled with mystery -- enough so that revisiting this world
will be a great pleasure.

Three years ago, right before their wedding, P.I. Carolyn Mathers' fiance, Gray James, disappeared. Suddenly, during Carolyn's confrontation with a dangerous street punk, he reappears. Angry and alarmed, Carolyn wants answers -- answers Gray doesn't want to provide because he's no longer human. He's become a vampire and now walks a narrow line between succumbing to the killing blood lust and existing on lamb's blood.

A vampire organization called the Guardians of the Night protects humans by policing other vampires, but there's been a rash of murders in the city and the Guardians suspect the killer is a vampire. Is it Gray? Carolyn is thrust into this dark world when she becomes a potential target. Even if he's a vampire, she doesn't believe that Gray is a killer, and she's willing to risk her heart and use all her detective skills to help him prove it.

(TOR, Nov., 304 pp., $6.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith