Except for a few brief holidays while she was growing up, Amanda hasn't spent much time with her wealthy father. Businessman William Sedgwick had three daughters by different women and ignored them all his life. But now that he's dead, he appears to be trying to manipulate them from the grave.

As a single parent, Amanda is struggling financially. When she hears the weird arbitrary conditions attached to her inheritance--having to sit in front of a window for an hour each day, for example--her first thought is to refuse. But practicality triumphs, and Amanda moves into her brownstone inheritance and prepares to follow the eccentric rules.

Ethan Black owes William, which is the only reason he's participating in this strange inheritance game. He is to watch Amanda and make sure she complies. He doesn't expect to see someone trying to kill Amanda. If she succeeds in claiming her inheritance, Amanda will be quite wealthy--so who wants her to fail?

Fan favorite Taylor gets off to an excellent start with book one of a trilogy about the Sedgwick daughters. Motives abound in this tale of dark suspense and romance. (Nov., 384 pp., $6.99)
Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith