The always brilliant Feehan launches an offshoot series from her recently completed Drake Sisters saga. In the Sea Haven
stories, elements of nature will be a key focus, along with an exciting combination of mystery, danger and magic. In Rikki Sitmore, Feehan has created an inspiring heroine who faces the challenge of autism. Her hero, Lev Prakenskii, has his own immense baggage, so the collision of their lives provides readers with an action-packed and romantic tale. Awesome as always!

While diving for sea urchins, Rikki is hit by a rogue wave and discovers a man deep in the swirling currents. Rikki rescues the wounded man, who has large gaps in his memory. The one thing Lev knows is that he must not be discovered alive. A reluctant Rikki takes Lev to the property she shares with her five “sisters of the heart.” All her life, Rikki has had an affinity for water and fears fire, for its devastation has left a tragic imprint on her life. Both are stalked by menaces from their pasts; can they find a way to triumph? (JOVE, Aug., 480 pp., $7.99)
Reviewed by: 
JIll M. Smith