The year is 2075, and the earth is in turmoil--the water supply is poisoned, and even the rain is toxic. One man, Finch, has used this situation to his financial gain. When Bianca's sister takes her own life, Bianca sets out to steal the "water crystal" that Finch holds. This crystal, if used properly, can cleanse the water and make it drinkable for humans.

Bianca's theft doesn't go undetected, and the Guardians are sent out after her. She will not go quietly, though, and when Angelo captures her, she has no idea that her destiny has finally caught her. Together, they set out to rid Earth of toxic water and find a way for all races to live in peace and harmony. But will one man's greed bring death to everyone?

The chemistry between Angelo and Bianca is sizzling hot and, at the same time, very sensual and romantic. Their conflict is an amazing vehicle for this story, and it will keep the reader firmly engaged. Bast has a very creative mind and has aptly demonstrated this in her latest effort. (dl $7.99)
Reviewed by: 
Kristi Ahlers