Michele Jaffe, who captured readers attention with the striking and sensual The Stargazer, returns with its sequel, a story as riveting as the first.

Upon investigating her godfathers mysterious death, Sophie Champion meets Queen Elizabeths master spy, The Earl of Sandal, Crispin Foscariover a corpse.

Suspected of treason, Crispin has just been relieved of his duties to the queen and is intent upon clearing his name. The duo enters into a sensual battle of wits and wills fueled by distrust, others deceits, suspicions and an undeniable sexual attraction.

Following a trail through Londons underworld and into hair-raising adventure and scorching passions, they must expose an unknown enemy who would see them dead rather than wed.

Michele Jaffes talents for perfectly recreating an historical era and the added balance of mystery and high sensuality turn THE WATER NYMPH into a delightful, sexy romp seamlessly blended with suspense. This is an author who instinctively knows what romance readers want. VERY SENSUAL (Jun., 450 pp., $15.95)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin