Image of The Water Wars


Image of The Water Wars

Brilliant and terrifying, Stracher's water-desperate world will make readers re-think letting the water run before a shower or while brushing their teeth. As Will and Vera criss-cross this world, it becomes evident that Stracher has truly considered all of the different outcomes that a water shortage would have on a society. Stracher has created a large cast of characters with enormous skill that has each person standing out from the rest. Hopefully the author will soon follow The Water Wars with more stories set in this world!

When Vera and her brother strike up a friendship with the outsider Kai, they know that his family must be rich because Kai treats water as if it were always available - not a preciously guarded commodity. Vera experiences the first blush of romance with Kai as her mother slides further into sickness and her brother voices dangerous sentiments about their government. When Kai and his father disappear, Vera convinces Will that they must rescue their new friend. However, neither anticipate that their hunt for Kai will take them across their water-starved world on the adventure of a lifetime! (SOURCEBOOKS, Jan., 256 pp., $16.99, ISBN: 9781402243691, HC, 12 & up)

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Kate Girard