Image of The Water Witch: A Novel (Fairwick Trilogy)


Image of The Water Witch: A Novel (Fairwick Trilogy)

A bit of a disappointing follow-up, The Water Witch is missing the contemporary edge of its predecessor. Though it’s still set in a modern college town, the college and students play almost no role in this more traditional fantasy story. Further, the foreshadowing in this volume lacks subtlety, so none of the climactic reveals are especially surprising. Finally, the ending isn’t a strong conclusion but instead functions more like a transition to the next book.

Now that half-witch/half-fey Professor Callie McFay has banished incubus demon Liam, her life appears to be returning to normal. But then she gets roped into the plans of the sinister witches’ coven the Grove, which is bent on closing the last remaining door to Faerie, the fey creatures’ homeland. As a doorkeeper, Callie may be able to keep the passage open. Of course, that’s if she can unlock her own extraordinary powers and avoid a cluster of creatures out for her blood. (BALLANTINE, Feb., 352 pp., $15.00)
Reviewed by: 
Leah Hansen