While fleeing her domineering father, Lady Rebecca's coach overturns on a desolate moor. She is rescued by Count Klaus Lindegren. Becca cannot believe her eyes, for she seems to see a luminous glow surrounding her rescuer. Surely it is just her imagination. The myths about Fossegrim, mythical creatures from another world who come to seduce women, can't be true?

Klaus is such a creature, the Waterlord, half-human and half-mythical. He must mate with a woman before returning to the Fossegrim.

As Becca seeks sanctuary in Klaus' home and he vows to protect her from her father's schemes, they fall in love. When Becca follows him on his moonlit walk to a majestic waterfall, he knows she is the one temptation he cannot resist. Their love soars, but can Klaus leave his kingdom for a mortal? Or might they be together forever in a realm beyond their own? As they plan their future, another plots their demise.

Original, intriguing, and captivating, The Waterlord blends paranormal fantasy and historical romance with panache. Readers will not be disappointed with Thompson's move from gothic to mystic, and though stories of human and mythical creatures have been written before, she puts a fresh spin on a delightful plotline. SENSUAL (Mar., 342 pp., $5.99)
Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin