Image of The Way Back


Image of The Way Back
THE WAY BACK (4) by Stephanie Doyle: After being fired as a television host for being overweight and too old, Gabby Haines is determined to reinvent herself as a book editor. But when her very first assignment sends her to get former astronaut Jamison Hunter to write a tell-all book about his infidelity, she soon realizes that she’d rather tell the attractive astronaut’s story herself. It’s too bad all Jamison wants is to return the advance money he took years earlier and send Gabby packing. Doyle does a very nice job depicting the attraction between Gabby and Jamison as well as Gabby’s determination to succeed and Jamison’s decision to wallow in guilt. In spite of his flaws, Doyle’s description of Jamison will make readers root for his redemption.
Reviewed by: 
Alexandra Kay