Richmond, Texas, is not where Eliza Beaudry wants to spend the rest of her life, so when she meets handsome gambler Cole Wallace, she believes she's found a way out. Eliza would happily share her passion with a man who promises her freedom.

Cole has no desire to spend more than a few fleeting hours with a woman and when Eliza finds herself pregnant and penniless, Cole decides that it is his brother, Aaron, who would make the perfect father and husband.

With nowhere else to turn, Eliza agrees to Cole's plan to meet shy Aaron. For the sake of her unborn child she agrees to marry him, but is she trading one small town for another, and a man of excitement for a steadfast, quiet man who needs her love?

The marriage-of-convenience story has been told time and again, but in Megan Chance's extraordinary hands it becomes something new, fresh and highly emotional. THE WAY HOME is an eloquent portrait of three people, of the growth of passion and the feelings that comprise real love. The beauty of her tale will stay with you and THE WAY HOME will become an instant classic. SENSUAL (Nov., 447 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin