One of Regency's leading ladies wins our hearts with a witty romp in which a high-spirited spinster wins the love of a dashing viscount.

The first meeting between Miss Claudia Wentworth and Lord Thornton occurs under less than auspicious circumstances as the lady bursts into the midst of a bachelor card party to demand his assistance in preventing the elopement of her sister with his brother. And even though he acquiesces and provides a traveling vehicle for the pursuit, the infuriating man promptly falls asleep and adds insult to injury by snoring!

Although they catch up with the fugitives, preventing disaster requires the help of Lord Thornton's aunt and making an extended visit to London under her chaperonage. But Claudia's life becomes even more complicated as she runs into an old beau, catches the eye of a ferocious Cossack and tries to cope with the insouciant viscount.

Can Claudia survive the experience with her heart intact?

Famous for her scintillating wit and sparkling interplay, Ms. Devon keeps the chuckles rolling as her entertaining characters ingeniously wind their way to a happy ending for everyone. (Feb., 171 pp., $4.50)

Reviewed by: 
Melinda Helfer