Image of The Way You Look Tonight (The Seattle Sullivans)


Image of The Way You Look Tonight (The Seattle Sullivans)

Andre is simply amazing. With this book, she introduces her readers to the Seattle branch of the Sullivan family. These siblings are just as likable as the original Sullivans. The story centers on childhood crushes that turn into adult attraction. The obstacles that the couple faces will test the stability of the relationship that is forming between them with the past as a major thorn in the burgeoning romance. Readers will be clamoring for more!

Private Investigator Rafe Sullivan is nearing burn-out when his realtor sister offers him the chance to buy the lake house that his family used to own. The lake holds many great memories, mostly of cute neighbor Brooke Jansen. As Rafe works on getting the house in order, Brooke cannot believe that her childhood crush is back. The attraction is there from the beginning, and Brooke decides to take matters into her own hands. But Rafe is reluctant to start anything beyond friendship with her. As the pair grow closer, they will need to learn to trust each other. (MIRA, Sep., 272 pp., $7.99)
Reviewed by: 
Jennifer Wilson