Sara Douglass is a powerful voice in high fantasy that readers can equate to the likes of Robert Jordan, Marion Zimmer Bradley and Anne McCaffrey. Her dynamic Wayfarer Redemption epic series continues with ENCHANTER, in which prophecy becomes reality. Azhure quickly turns into a respected war leader in the Star Mans growing army.

Her mysterious aptitude with the magical Wolven bow and the loyalty of the mythical Alaunt hounds lead senior Icarri Enchanters to believe she might be a disguised traitor, but the Star Man trusts her with his army and his heart. As the Star Man struggles to absorb his fathers magical training while uniting the sundered races of ancient Tencendor into a new nation and strong fighting force, he must choose between two lovesbefore the evil Gorgrael destroys their world.

This sequel to Battle Axe is a stunning tour de force with a full complement of action, mysticism, mystery and magic. Ms. Douglass weaves a richly textured story with strong characters and powerful events. (Oct., 544 pp., $27.95)

Reviewed by: 
Kelly Rae Cooper