A mechanical and musical genius -- with so many secrets, it's hard to keep track -- takes a job with a former rock bad boy, living quietly as he serves the Lord. Gregg gave up music because, though a Christian, the lifestyle brought out his worst. Stormie has as many secrets as Gregg, and both are plagued by the temptations of their old weaknesses.

When they spark each other's interest, they flounder, unable to tell between God's will and their own. He opens up, but she pulls back, knowing he'll reject her when he learns of her troubles.

This is engrossing but too edgy for the average Christian reader. Salted with far-from-mild profanity and steamy with barely controlled sexual desire, it still contains a powerful Christian message. Wiesner tries to straddle the Christian and secular world and ends up with something that will be accepted in neither. (Oct., 340 pp., $14.95)
Reviewed by: 
Mary Connealy