Image of We Shall Not Sleep: A Novel (World War One Novels)


Image of We Shall Not Sleep: A Novel (World War One Novels)

Perry brings history alive with this expertly written conclusion to her World War I series. The Reavley siblings are believable characters whose firsthand experience on the battlegrounds of the western front instills this novel with the gritty
realities of wartime life.

As WWI draws to a close, Judith Reavley is still working as an ambulance driver, ferrying the wounded back to the makeshift hospital. Her brother Joseph is a chaplain administering to the wounded and dying. Intelligence operative Matthew, another Reavley brother, comes to the front to meet Colonel Schenck-endorff, who's prepared to reveal the identity of the Peacemaker, the Brit responsible for the deaths of the Reavleys' parents.

When a nurse is brutally raped and murdered, Matthew becomes a suspect after officials discover an old photo of Matthew and the murder victim among her belongings. Judith searches desperately to exonerate her brother, questioning both British soldiers and German prisoners, while Matthew longs for freedom so that he can finally identify the Peacemaker. (Ballantine, Apr., 304 pp., $21.95)
Reviewed by: 
Sheri Melnick