After an absence of a year, Catherine LeVendeur and her husband Edgar are glad to return to Paris. When they enter the house, however, they discover the body of a Knight Templar hidden away. Although it is obvious that neither Catherine nor Edgar could have had anything to do with it, Catherine lives in dreadful fear. It is only recently that her father Hubert has announced his Jewish roots, and twelfth-century Europe is not a safe place for Jews.

The world in general, and one knight named Jehan of Blois, would like nothing better than to pin the murder on any Jew, but Catherines family in particular.

Reading a Sharan Newman novel is like journeying back to medieval times. The sights and sounds of Paris are so vividly described that they mesmerize the reader as she enjoys a fine tale of mystery. Catherine and Edgars loving relationship is heart warming as well.(Oct., 352 pp., $24.95)

Reviewed by: 
Toby Bromberg