Image of To Wed a Highland Bride


Image of To Wed a Highland Bride

Gabriel's novel is an enjoyable story.
The fairy lore adds entertainment and helps move the story, but it's difficult to get emotionally involved with the characters, especially the hero, who feels a little flat.

James MacCarran, Viscount Straun, returns to Straun House after his grandmother's death to finish her book on fairy lore and marry a woman with fairy blood, as her will stipulates. But James doesn't believe in fairies. Elspeth MacArthur doesn't want to marry, certainly not a lowlander. When she hurts her ankle on Straun land during a rainstorm, James brings her inside, but their being alone together compromises her.

When the rain finally ends, James takes Elspeth home and speaks with her grandfather, but he will not force her to marry. James witnesses her grandfather weaving under the spell of fairy magic, but still refuses to believe. Elspeth tells him the only way they can wed is if they break the curse on her family and find the fairy treasure. James has fallen and will do whatever he can for her, perhaps even believe that his future wife is part fairy. (Avon, Dec., 384 pp. $5.99)
Reviewed by: 
Jill Brager