Image of To Wed A Highlander


Image of To Wed A Highlander

With her second novel Sinclair demonstrates a talent for characterization, strong plotting, sensuality and deep emotional introspection that carries readers into the hearts and minds of her hero and heroine.

It's her dying father's wish that Makenna Dunstan wed Colin McTiernay for the clan's safety. Colin knows Makenna dislikes and mistrusts him, but he will follow her father's orders and protect Makenna and the clan from their enemy, Leon MacCuaig, who desires Makenna and the Dunstan lands.

Strong-willed and independent Makenna doesn't believe Colin has the best interests of the clan at heart. She doesn't know he's been secretly training an army to protect them from MacCuaig. But slowly Makenna yields to her desire for Colin, trusting him with her people and her heart. However, when a spy in their midst enables MacCuaig to abduct Makenna, Colin must strike back and rescue his beloved. (Zebra, Jul., 352 pp., $4.99)
Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin