Jeffries has written the
ideal conclusion to her fabulous School for Heiresses series, rewarding her fans by revealing
a secret or two in the wondrous, tender and sexually charged love-and-laughter story of Charlotte Harris, the school's founder. With lively dialogue, deep emotion and multifaceted characters, Jeffries wins readers' hearts and holds her fans' admiration.

Before her elopement with Captain Harris, Charlotte scandalized society by rejecting a suitor in a letter that shocked the ton. When the letter was accidentally published in a scandal sheet, it destroyed his reputation. It also led to her decision to start the School for Heiresses. Now, years later, the school is struggling to survive. Until now, Charlotte has relied on the mysterious Cousin Michael to see her through tough times, but he is no longer corresponding with her, so she is forced to turn instead to the very suitor she'd rejected, little knowing that he is Cousin Michael.

Rebuilding a relationship that ended in such unhappiness isn't going to be easy, but Cousin Michael is determined to rekindle the passion they had long ago and reawaken Charlotte's desires -- for her school as well as for life and love -- even if he has to trick her into his arms. POCKET, Jul., 300 pp., $7.99)
Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin