Image of To Wed A Texan


Image of To Wed A Texan

Gentry's latest western romance -- based on an actual event -- is a delicious, entertaining battle of the sexes between a charming Texas gambler and a prim and proper librarian. The story
is full of action, snappy dialogue and humorous characters, including a lion,
a famous gunslinger and a hanging judge. Readers will laugh out loud
with this winner.

The fight is on between Jack "Cash" McCalley and the president of the Lone Star Ladies for Decency and Decorum, the widow Mrs. Bonnie O'Neal Schwartz Purdy. Cash is promoting a prizefight in Dallas, which is almost a done deal, until Bonnie, along with her society members and the local preachers, marches into City Hall to protest the fight.

Cash tries to move the fight to other locations, but somehow Bonnie knows his every move and beats him at every turn. He decides to try to seduce her to his side, but he doesn't count on being seduced himself! (Zebra, Mar., 384 pp., $6.99)
Reviewed by: 
Maria Ferrer