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Those wonderful, unforgettable McClain brothers have returned, as widower Reverend Daniel McClain tries to bring peace to war-ravaged Jefferson, Texas and raise his twin daughters.

Since she was six, Karlee Whitworth has been the poor relation, shuffled between relatives. All Karlee longs for is a place to stay and some small adventure.

Sent to help Daniel with his children, Karlee prays she might find a home at last. Eager to prove her worthiness she tries her best. Daniel has enough trouble on his hands, trying to maintain some order in a town that has known nothing but war. But he needs Karlee to make sure his sister-in-law does not take his girls away.

With a courage unmatched by most women he knows, Karlee helps Daniel in dangerous circumstances and through a fire that temporarily blinds him, and makes a home for the girls and all the misfits that pass through. She even agrees to be his wife to protect his daughters.But the last thing Daniel expects is love and the bittersweet happiness it brings in a place that has seen too much sorrow.

Two lost and wounded souls who find solace with one another is enough to make romance readers sigh, but add to this a remarkable cast of secondary characters, adventure, danger, history and a wonderful earthiness and you have the very best in Western romance. Jodi Thomas never misses her mark and her latest, TO WED IN TEXAS, is a bulls eye of a keeper. SENSUAL (Feb., 300 pp., $6.50)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin