Thinking to always protect his beloved daughter, Baron Lindens will stipulates that Miss Faith Linden marry the Viscount Dewhurst or forfeit her home. But when the Viscount dies, Faith is compelled to marry the new Viscount, Captain Griffin Sainthill.

Griffin has returned home from America with his small son to reluctantly claim his inheritance: a title, a home, his sisters welfare and now a betrothed. Though he tries to avoid Faith, her stubbornness is impossible to ignore and when he believes his brother compromised her, he is honor-bound to see the betrothal through.

But a misunderstanding on their wedding night tears the couple apart. How they manage to reclaim the passion and love that they deserve makes up the largest part of this relationship-centered romance.

Readers who feel that foolish misunderstandings are an old-fashioned plot ploy may be a bit disappointed with TO WED A VISCOUNT. However, the engaging characters and interesting subplots certainly add a great deal to what might be an ordinary romance. SENSUAL (Aug., 368 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin