When the Earl of Rockford, Robert Rothmore, discovers that Mrs. Alissa Henning has taken his young son, along with her two boys, to the country, he hightails it after them. He hasn't been home enough to realize there was no one to care for his son, William.

Expecting to find a ruthless kidnapper, Rockford instead discovers a forthright widow who adores his son and can care for him far better than he. He proposes marriage to provide William with a mother.

Even though she has no great liking for arrogant men like the earl, Alissa accepts Rockford's proposal, agreeing to stay in the country with the children while he returns to London. But when her sister is in danger, Alissa brings the entire household, puppies and all, to Robert in London.

If that's not bad enough, she asks him for a daughter and sets out to give him lessons in love.

Deliciously funny, sensual and entertaining, and with a lovable cast of characters, WEDDED BLISS combines the best of the classic Regency with Metzger's signature sense of humor. SENSUAL (Mar., 352 pp., $6.99)
Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin