It’s all about the wedding! Three authors have chosen very different settings, characters and weddings to let readers know any wedding is a good wedding — as long as there is love. These quick-read, sensual and romantic novellas are perfect for that pick-me-up feeling.

Beautiful and wealthy Sarah (Sunny) Vangelder is “the greatest heiress to have crossed the Atlantic” and Justin Aubrey is a man with a title and a leaky roof. Neither is quite sure what they want from marriage and both have a great deal to learn because after “The Wedding of the Century” comes the marriage and an adventure in love that Sunny never dreamed of, but one that Putney gives her. Longtime readers will remember the tender, moving, beautiful story Lisa Gregory (aka James) created with The Rainbow Season. She’s recreated the poignant romance of a plain girl who craves love and the poor younger boy who needs acceptance. Though their marriage begins with difficulties, the love that grows between them is so tender, so touching that readers will never forget the pure joy of such a love and wish they could be “Jesse’s Wife.” Featherstone’s hero gets a second chance at love when his brother jilts Blossom, the woman that Lord Jase Markham has loved for years. Now, he has his chance and even if it means being “Seduced by Starlight,” he’s out to woo, win and prove the depth of his desire to Blossom. (HQN, Jun., 400 pp., $7.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin