Anthony Elkington, Viscount Woodhart, is bound by his late grandmother's will to marry Miss Molly Conwell in The Wedding Clause (4.5). Utterly detesting the idea and convinced that his late grandmother's companion is nothing more than a fortune stealer, he nevertheless becomes embroiled in a game of who-bests-whom with Miss Conwell. Molly is just as displeased as he is. But to save her destitute brother, she'll do anything—except tell the viscount the truth about why the £30,000 she stands to gain is so important to her. Although at first they can't bear the sight of each other, Molly and Anthony's dangerous game leads to a progression of emotions—starting with disdain and distrust and leading to love, lust and passion. With many a bump along the way, love finds its true course in Debbie Raleigh's delightful read. (Jun., 256 pp., $4.99)
Reviewed by: 
Robin Taylor