Image of Wedding Favors


Image of Wedding Favors

Steamy as New Orleans in August, this collection of loosely linked, somewhat kinky stories satisfies on several levels. The romance is rampant, the heroes are hot and the sex scenes are superb! For the reader who is willing to suspend a little disbelief, this one is a keeper.

The heroines in these lusty, magical tales have two things in common: each is a bridesmaid in a New Orleans wedding, and each made a wish at a fountain that was blessed by a voodoo priestess. Black pens a super-hot tale about Shay, the owner of the bordello next to the fountain, and bridesmaid Tessa, who’s hesitant to explore the BDSM side of Shay’s world, in “Binding Her Hearth.” Madison and Thomas are fated for each other, but author James enlists the aid of a demigod to help them find forever love in the midst of “Mortal Sensations.” Whitefeather combines James, Kendra and some old-fashioned voodoo magic to fulfill their “Dungeon Dreams.” (HEAT, Jun., 320 pp., $15.00)
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Rhomylly Forbes