A deathbed promise brings Solomon Wolfe back to the Missouri River frontier town of Fort Benton to establish a home for his niece, Garnet, who is a smelly, foul-mouthed, pocket-picking urchin.

Way down on his luck and in need of funds, Solomon challenges trick shooter, queen of the billiards, Cairo Brown, to a game and wins again and again. Solomon proposes one final game. If she loses, Cairo marries him for one year, in which she will make Garnet a lady. One missed shot and her fate is sealed.

Cairo moves into Solomon's ramshackle homestead determined to find a way out. When applicants begin arriving in response to her ads for a replacement wife, Cairo rejects them all. Solomon has been distracting her by making love to her.

Garnet's abduction sends both Cairo and Solomon on her trail. They are on their way home with Garnet when a near fatal accident tests Cairo to the limits.

Though an emotional read, THE WEDDING GAMBLE is not without humor. On the surface, Solomon is a hardened gunfighter and Cairo a driven lady. Ms. Logan, one of the most popular writers in the genre, delivers reading pleasure while peeling away the layers to expose Solomon and Cairo's true worth. VERY SENSUAL (Aug., 378 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Frances L. Trainor