When designer Ashleigh Johnson catches her fiancé cheating yet again, she wipes his existence from her life—and even plans to get rid of the wedding gown she made for herself.

Entrepreneur Keefe Black will do anything for his baby sister, including misleading the beautiful designer to get her exquisite gown. Jaded about women in general, he has no qualms about telling a fib or two. But he doesn't count on losing his heart in the process. Can the two overcome their mistrust of the opposite sex to pursue a lifetime of love?

While the concept of this novel is unique, the writing is sketchy. Davis takes an extreme amount of time to reveal details pertinent to character depth. The troubles experienced by both Keefe and Ashleigh lack the strength necessary to carry the novel. (Feb., 254 pp., $9.95)
Reviewed by: 
T.L. Burton