It's rare to find a series that just keeps getting better, but Janet Chapman accomplishes this with her Highlander books. This is her most emotional, touching and powerful novel to date.

Dr. Elizabeth Hart's life is proceeding according to plan, until the day she heals two patients with only the touch of her hands. She had never believed her Grammy Bea's claim that several female ancestors were uniquely gifted and knows that no one will believe her story either. Without a logical way to explain these miracles, Libby leaves California as quickly as possible.

Eight-year-old Robbie MacBain, meanwhile, decides to rent out his deceased mother's family home in Maine, hoping to attract a woman for father Michael, and decides that Libby is the perfect candidate. Libby arrives to find a somewhat surly, extremely handsome warrior of a man.

While Libby is hiding the truth about her gifts from everyone, including herself, Michael MacBain and the residents of Pine Creek are guarding even larger secrets. (POCKET, Oct., 353 pp., $6.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill M. Smith