Image of Wedding His Takeover Target


Image of Wedding His Takeover Target
WEDDING HIS TAKEOVER TARGET (4) by Emilie Rose: Gavin Jarrod didn’t want anything to do with his father’s plans for their Aspen hotel, but because of the terms of the man’s will he plans to build one on the only site he remembers with joy — the old silver mine. Which, as it turns out, his family no longer owns. Approaching the wily old man who now owns the mine, he’s presented with a deal — marry the man’s granddaughter and get the deed. Widowed Sabrina Taylor moved home to take care of her ailing grandfather and recover from her husband’s death. A man like Gavin is not in her plans. A single-minded man with a lot to learn and a world-weary woman who guards her heart make Rose’s tale sweetly charming with a heavy dose of lust in an excellent entry into the Jarrod family saga.
Reviewed by: 
Pat Cooper