Wisler’s latest novel highlights her vast knowledge of the Philippines and the Asian culture. While the plot is interesting, readers may have difficulty keeping track of the constant flashbacks. There are moments when the romance feels buried beneath the weight of memories and blossoms a bit later in the story. However, Wisler’s in-depth insight combined with a group of zany characters will keep readers pleasantly entertained.

Samantha Bravencourt helps run the clothing boutique, Have a Fit, but it doesn’t stop the flood of memories of her time as a teacher in the Philippines. One day she receives an invitation to the wedding of an old friend and decides to take the trip to North Carolina and stay with her aunt Dovie for a few days. When she arrives, she realizes that it was the wrong wedding. Surprisingly, her past collides with her present when she runs into a former student from the Philippines. She dines with Huy, Lien and their family only to discover that Carson Brylie; the one man who broke her heart in the Philippines, actually lives in North Carolina. When he suddenly calls Samantha, she tries valiantly to shield her heart. But when Lien needs their help, the truth of what happened all those years ago is revealed. Can Samantha let go of the past to accept the gift of the present?
(BETHANY HOUSE, Oct. 2011, 320 pp., $14.99)

*Web Exclusive Review*

Reviewed by: 
Jennifer Reyes