Image of The Wedding Kiss


Image of The Wedding Kiss

A beautiful romance with unforgettable characters that will wrap themselves around the reader’s heart. The simplest things can change a person’s life forever. Along with the romance, there is a touch of mystery and intrigue. Alexander is an amazing storyteller, she manages to always bring freshness to each of her novels and leave readers well satisfied.

Keara McBride is about to be kicked out of her home due to her father’s bad decisions once again. She has no place to go. When she arrives at Elam Jensen’s house to help him with his children, as she does every day, she comes up with an outlandish plan that just might solve both of their problems. They both need a marriage for convenience only. When someone from Elam’s past shows up with a posse after her, they are forced to act like a regular married couple to keep everyone safe. (SUMMERSIDE, Oct., 315 pp., $12.99)
Reviewed by: 
Patsy Glans