Mairey Faelyn has continued in her fathers footsteps, studying the folktales and culture of the Celts by traveling throughout the countryside gathering stories for her university work. Lord Jackson Rushford, a wealthy industrialist and mine owner, threatens Maireys livelihood when he blackmails her into working for him.

Jackson knows of the existence of the Willowknot, a silver pin of Celtic origin that is also the map to the richest silver vein in England. Hes determined to find out if the knot exists but only Mairey can do that. Trapped on his estate, Mairey does her best to throw him off the trail. Mairey knows the knot is real and she is honor-bound to keep and protect its secret.

As Mairey gets to know Jackson and he comes to understand her and the sisters she has brought into his home, they begin to fall in love. Maireys passion complicates her vow of secrecy about the pin and the pledge she makes to Jackson on their wedding day.

Linda Needham has the ability to mix laughter with tears to touch a readers heart. In THE WEDDING NIGHT the touches of ancient lore bring a certain enchantment that will delight and captivate readers. SENSUAL (May, 350 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin