Melissande Deverell is furious when longtime friend and warrior Lucian Barret abducts her from St. Ursula's Abbey. His refusal to return her to the convent cements her resolve to escape him and avoid the proposed marriage to his brother. On their journey to his home, Mel finds she cannot remain angry with the handsome knight—instead she finds herself falling in love with him.

Lucian's years as a warrior stole the joy from his heart and haunt his every moment. He is once again on a quest, but instead of fighting in the Crusades, he's battling the woman his brother wishes to wed—and who eventually holds his heart hostage.

Melissande struggles with self-doubt about life in the convent versus a life with Lucian. Can she convince him that he's the one she wants to marry? Rock spins a passionate tale of forbidden love. Although most of the conflict is internal, she adds external conflict with vengeful knights determined to kill Lucian. There's some nice humor when the abbess, who has followed Melissande to England, steps between two battling knights. SENSUAL (Feb., 315 pp., $5.25)

Reviewed by: 
Faith V. Smith