Smith returns to the Kenyon family with a riveting tale of a love lost and found as a young woman searches for independence.

Lady Cassandra has spent the last four years trying to forget her humiliating wedding night. She was 15 and filled with romantic fantasies when she wed Samuel Firth, who walked out of their marriage. Now that she's older and wiser, Cassandra wants her freedom.

When Samuel arranged to pay off the debts of Cassandra's father, the Duke of Chiltern, in exchange for Cassandra, he had no idea that she was so young. He left his bride a virgin and traveled the globe. He returns to London when he receives her letter asking for a divorce.

Cassandra is a fiesty, flirtatious woman who tempts him into a game of seduction. But as he tries to reclaim his wife's heart, a cunning villain obsessed with Cassandra, a murder and the rebuilding of family ties bring more than they bargained for.

Sexy, compelling, exciting and with a deep vein of emotion, this is a story filled with the deeper meaning of family and respect, independence and feminism. SENSUAL (Apr., 352 pp., $6.99)
Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin