Lieutenant Colonel Lord Heath Boscastle believes he's the master of his fate until his friend Sir Russell Althorne asks him to become Julia Hepworth's bodyguard. As Russell's fiancée, Julia is endangered by the hunt for a traitor. She is the last person Heath wants to see—after all, she once shot him.

Though it was an accident, Julia has never quite forgiven herself for shooting Heath. Now she's saddled with him because of a promise he made to Russell. In truth, Julia fears the sizzling heat she feels every time she's near Heath.

Thrust together in and out of danger, they surrender to their passion. But falling in love only accentuates their problems. A madman's scheme, Russell's plans and their newfound love send them careening toward a thrilling climax.

Hunter concludes her Boscastle trilogy with a rousing, action-packed romance that satisfies your craving for passion and Regency-flavored intrigue. Witty, warm and wonderful! SENSUAL (Jul., 384 pp., $6.99)
Reviewed by: 
Kathe Robin