Image of A Wedding Quilt for Ella (Little Valley Series)


Image of A Wedding Quilt for Ella (Little Valley Series)

Eicher’s latest book in the Little Valley series crafts an inspirational story that helps us to see that God does have a plan for everyone, even if they can’t see that plan. With raw emotions felt by Ella over the loss of her fiancé, and the healing that takes place within her, this is a realistic look at life and love within the Amish community.

When Ella’s fiancé Aden is suddenly taken from her, she feels like her hopes and her love for God were taken away too. Her family gives her six months to grieve, and then she is expected to marry the town’s new bishop. Ella puts all her time and energy into building the dream house she and Aden planned. With the help of Aden’s brother Daniel, will Ella find the peace and healing she needs to move on? (HARVEST HOUSE, Feb., 288 pp., $11.99)
Reviewed by: 
Angie Howatt