The notorious widow Honor Duvall tries to hire Texas Ranger Luke Prescott to protect her and her children from danger. When he refuses she resorts to skullduggery and cons him into the job.

Honor's husband left her a ranch and lots of good horse flesh, so she decides to hold a raffle for one of her horses. Luke buys one raffle ticket and wins.

When Luke discovers that the horse he won is dead and all that Honor wants is for Luke to teach her and the children how to handle a gun so they can protect themselves from her ruthless politician father, he reluctantly agrees.

Thrice married Honor has no desire to wed again and Luke bears the guilt of his wife and child's death and is too burdened to want a wife. But he cannot deny he's passionately drawn to Honor.

Honor and Luke come up with a plan to expose her father as a traitor working for the British when they give a party to announce their marriage (a pretend marriage).

Their plans go awry when her father arrives early and tries to kidnap her because he planned to marry her to a man of his choosing. Luke and Honor pretend to be wed and in the passion-filled nights they are able to unleash all their ghosts and really fall in love.

THE WEDDING RAFFLE is filled with that unique Geralyn Dawson charm, and her delightful sense of humor. A real charmer! SENSUAL (Nov., 350 pp., $5.99)

Reviewed by: 
Jill Braeger