Ex-gentleman thief Rafe Malone is lucky to have been pardoned, and he's promised never to steal in Texas again. He's been working on his horse farm when he awakens from a nap with a cutlass at his throat and four pirates staring down at him. He thinks he's having the worst nightmare of his life.

Raised by her four retired, reprobate pirate grandfathers, Mary Margaret St. John is as stubborn as the day is long and her temper is a match for any man. When their hotel on Lake Bliss is "stolen" the old seamen attempt to convince Rafe to help them reclaim their buried treasure. He's not so sure, until he meets Mary Margaret.

But when they locate the spot where the treasure should be, it seems their old pirate "buddy," Drew Montgomery, has taken the gems to his West Texas plantation.

The Grandpas want Rafe to steal it back. Rafe is a man of honor, who believes his word is his bond. But when Mary Margaret goes to get the fortune, Rafe has no choice but to risk his freedom to keep her safe.

This novel is pure pleasure. This very, very funny book will certainly make you laugh out loud, but you'll also brush away a tear or two and fall in love with four of the most wonderful old men to come along. SENSUAL (Feb., 384 pp., $6.50)

Reviewed by: 
Jill Brager