Image of The Wedding Rescue


Image of The Wedding Rescue

After a long stint as a bush pilot in Alaska, Tanner Davenport is returning to Kentucky just in time to stop his brother Nathan from marrying Savannah MacKay. Despite the fact that he seems intent on stopping her sister's impending nuptials, Charity thinks Tanner is one hot ticket. But because of his sinister intentions, she decides to keep tabs on him. Tanner soon finds himself joined at the hip to Charity, who insists she's equally enthu-siastic about plans to break up their siblings. Scheming together is heady work. Dianne Castell's writing is extremely visual, and she proves elaborate contrivances aren't necessary to sustain interest in a story. THE WEDDING RESCUE (4.5) is infused with wit, chemistry and fun dialogue. Readers should delight in this well-crafted story.

Reviewed by: 
Kimberley Harvey