Image of A Wedding She'll Never Forget


Image of A Wedding She'll Never Forget
A WEDDING SHE’LL NEVER FORGET (3) by Robyn Grady: Buttoned-down wedding planner Scarlet Anders is prepping for her best friend’s wedding and trying to evade best man and playboy Daniel McNeal. After all, she’s already involved. Then, a fall from a ladder results in a case of amnesia, and Scarlet indulges her adventurous side for the first time in her life as she tries to rediscover the person she was always meant to be. Daniel is looking for a quick fling, but when he steps up to help Scarlet out, he falls hard for the pretty planner — even if he doesn’t know it. While Grady has a fine plot, her characters aren’t defined enough for readers to bond with.
Reviewed by: 
Pat Cooper